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Ellen brings a dynamic, authentic approach to teaching yoga with the goal of making it accessible to all levels of students…particularly athletes, skeptics, beginners, or all of the above. 

In 1996, Ellen was introduced to yoga to address a sports-related injury and quickly realized that yoga was a game-changer… and life-changer. A decade later, she began to teach and has been an avid student/practitioner ever since. Ellen is registered with The Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200, RYT 500 teacher, having completed her certifications with power yoga luminaries Beryl Bender Birch and Baron Baptiste. In addition, Ellen is a certified Foundation Training instructor.

Ellen has joyfully logged thousands of teaching hours at Equinox Fitness Clubs and several other top yoga studios in New York City, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara since 2007. She has assisted her mentor, Beryl Bender Birch, at several national yoga conferences. In addition, Ellen has been serving as yoga instructor for the NIKE North American sales force at Go To Market meetings since 2011.

She is a Midwestern native with a background firmly rooted in the sports and fitness world. A former Division I athlete with a master’s degree in sports administration from Ohio University, she has spent two decades in sales and leadership roles representing NIKE in 5 key cities across the United States.

The inspiration for Peak Power Yoga & Wellness came from Ellen's love of hot power yoga and Foundation Training. Rather than leaving the Ojai Valley for these types of classes, Ellen wanted to bring them to Ojai. And so she did. Peak Power officially opened its doors on April 24, 2017.  Thanks for joining the family!


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Molly is a Midwest native, but has lived a nomadic life all over the US and Canada. She has resided here in Ojai, with her husband, two girls and menagerie of animals for the last six years. She registered with The Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200, having completed her certification with Molly Lululemon's mind.ful.on training program.  She teaches a breath based vinyasa Power Yoga class suited for all levels. Her passion is exploring and sharing the relationship of mind, body, spirit and how yoga enhances this journey.


My love of yoga was definitely not immediate. The quiet and stillness made me uncomfortable and I was overwhelmed by the how the practice made me glaringly aware of weaknesses in my body and mind. But I like a challenge, so I kept showing up. Now 20 years later, still challenging me in many ways, yoga has ultimately become an incredible source of healing and heart-opening. For a long time teaching seemed unlikely, as I was always the shy student hiding in the far corner of the room. But eventually, I decided that the best way to embody the gratitude I felt for the practice and my many amazing teachers, was to share it with others. I hope it helps! I hope you walk off your mat with a calm awareness and the ability to breathe deeper and move through your daily life with a little more ease… 

I recently had the privilege of completing a Foundation Training certification with Dr. Eric Goodman… I am thrilled to have the space and opportunity to share the many benefits of FT.

Come join me on Wednesdays! Foundation Training in the morning and Vinyasa flow/ Foundation magic combo in the evening. I can’t wait to meet you, move with you, and be still with you.


Tiffany Raether has over 450 hours of RYT and has been teaching yoga for over 6 years, with training in Hatha, Bhakti, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, in addition to guided meditation. Tiffany was originally drawn to yoga to help heal the physical stress from working long hours in a corporate environment. Soon after coming to the mat, she discovered the various benefits the ancient practice of yoga offers to the whole person ~ mind, body and Spirit.

Tiffany combines guided meditation, vinyasa flow and breath work in her classes. She also has a background in music and sound healing, which you will hear and move through in her classes, as music is an integral part of the practice she offers.



When Monica took her first yoga class she experienced deep relief in her body, profound inner peace, and she knew this would be a life-long journey. Monica's teaching focus is on a safe asana practice, supported by deep immersion in the breath and energy of pranayama.

It is her passion to share the loving effects and gifts of yoga with all students on this magical journey!



Dani White is a Yoga Alliance Certified-200 Hour teacher along with a graduate of Baptiste Level 1 Training. In addition, she has extensive training in MyoFascial Release. Dani is passionate about lifting others up! We are so much stronger together then we are standing alone!

Baptiste Yoga has changed my life & my yoga practice on and off the mat! I can’t wait to share it with you!